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Too bad I don’t have time to see the city. Really?

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Too bad I don’t have time to see the city. Really? Many people travel abroad to a new place and don’t take the time to look around at their new surroundings. They are on a business trip, have meeting all through the day, then a company dinner and afterwards back to the hotel for some rest. But nothing is impossible as I have realized when I have been in this situation. There is always a way to make some time for a quick exploration of your surroundings. One of the options is to take a running tour. In 1-2 hours you can get some exercise and see some of the city. You can take this run early in the morning or before you have that big business dinner. With Go Running Tours, I can give you an overview of Bratislava. You can take a run at 5AM before catching that early morning flight. The city will be quiet and you would have a unique experience. Or an evening run before dinner is not a problem. In 1 hour you get some exercise and be really for you big meal. So as you can see this can be an easy way to get some mctivity in your day and do some exploring at the same time.


Big sport event in Bratislava

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European Figure Skating championships in Bratislava

In end of January from 27th to 31st is Bratislava going to host the top figure skaters of Europe. After 15 years ISU European Figure Skating Championships will return to Bratislava. Many people from all over the Europe/world will come to see the performances in the Ondrej Nepela (the best Slovak Figure skater of all time) Ice Arena- http://www.ecbratislava.com/. It is a big chance to present Bratislava for participants, journalist and guests as a historical but also as a modern city. For the city of Bratislava it is a very important event in terms of domestic and foreign tourism. And not just for Bratislava but also for whole region of west Slovakia. Very close places like Modra, castle Cerveny kamen, Trnava and many others can also profit from this great international event which is happening here.

Many people already bought tickets already as a present under Christmas tree (like I did ;-) But there are still some tickets left so if you go for it we can meet in the heart of Europe in Slovakia very soon. If you would like to come not just to watch but also do some exercise and learn more about the city book a running tour on http://www.gorunningtoursbratislava.com/



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